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Seasonal Flower Subscriptions are available for purchase beginning in April 2021.


To order, email:               


Please include the type of flowers subscription (Renew, Nourish, or Light and Movement) and/or the number of arrangements you would like to purchase. 

Once your request is processed you will receive a confirmation email and payment request.

Payment can be made via e-Transfer to


FAQs & Terms of Service

(*Please read before purchasing*)


​Where and when do I pick up my flowers?

Exact start and end dates for subscriptions will be determined once the growing season is underway in 2021.  You will receive an email approximately one week before the start of each subscription to detail the pick-up time and location.  All subscriptions will be available for pick-up in St. Albert.  Special occasion arrangements will be available for pick-up on the date requested when the order was placed.  

What if I can't pick up my flowers or I go on vacation?

If you're unable to pick up your order at the agreed upon pick-up time please notify me and arrange for someone else to pick them up for you.     

Can I specify which flowers or colors I want in my subscriptions or arrangements?

At this time we do not offer custom requests on orders.  Each order is created using the best of what is in bloom each week including a complimentary mix of flower colors and foliage.  

​Can I buy a flowers subscription for someone else as a gift?

Absolutely! Please make sure they have read and agreed to these Terms of Service.  Simply register with their information and let me know it's a gift when you order. 

How do I care for my fresh flowers?

Locally grown flowers are naturally vibrant and long-lasting, however, your attentive care is important to ensuring the longest vase life.  While preparing your order we ensure flowers are harvested at the proper stage of development and provided with optimal post-harvest care.   After you receive your flowers we recommend you follow these simple cut-flower care guidelines:

Check your flowers daily:

- check the water level daily and refill as necessary

- remove any spent flowers

- if the water is murky or foul smelling empty the vase, clean the vase thoroughly, re-cut the stems and place stems back into a clean vase filled with fresh room temperature water.

- ensure all foliage remains above water level

Pick the ideal spot to display your flowers:

- Place fresh flowers in a cool spot out of direct sunlight, away from any drafts or heat sources (including ceiling fans, heat or cooling vents, radiators or on top of televisions)

- Avoid placing flowers near ripening fruit which can cause them to mature prematurely

Thank you, and I look forward to meeting you!

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