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Hello, I'm Cathryn.



One of the most formative moments of my life took place in my own front yard.  I was standing at the edge of one of my perennial beds with an open packet of Italian flower seeds in my hand.  As I tipped that package and watched the seeds tumble to the ground, I remember feeling hesitant but strangely free.  At the time, I had no idea that this single impromptu act would change my life in the most amazing ways.

You see, I had always been good at gardening, but I had not yet attempted to grow flowers from seed.  For so many years my garden had been composed of well landscaped perennial beds, foundation plantings, and a few 4x4 foot raised vegetable boxes.  Everything had its place, the edges were well defined, and I enjoyed the comfort of welcoming familiar flowers back year after year, waiting for them to mark the change of seasons with their short lived beauty.  That familiar rhythm was satisfying enough, until those Italian flower seeds started to grow and eventually bloom.  I immediately became immersed in a world of exploration and discovery, watching, waiting and appreciating the ever-changing beauty of what was unfolding before me.  I realized then and there I wanted to change the way I gardened.  That year I enrolled in Floret's on-line workshop, developed my own 520 square foot cutting garden, and soon after launched Scissors Creek, my seed to vase flower company.

When nature becomes art.


I have always considered myself a creative person, but it was in the rows of my garden that I had finally found a medium of expression.  I understood flowers, and as I tended to them, I began to notice and appreciate the elements of gesture, scale, color, texture, and form that each bloom offered.  My work in the studio was shaped by the flowers I harvested each day and the continual cycles of growth and decline I observed in the garden helped develop my creative freedom.

Not long after I started to grow and arrange flowers, I became interested in photography.  Photography helped me to see.  It grounded me in time and place, allowing me to fully appreciate the smallest details and capture the beauty of the flowers once they were arranged in the vase.  Photography became my way of documenting and sharing the essence of what I was cultivating in the garden as well as what I was creating in the studio and continues to be a place that I find much joy.  

I dream continually now of the many new and exciting varieties of flowers I have yet to discover.  My interest in floral design is beginning to extend beyond the vase to include the creation of floral inspired gathering spaces, and I am continually seeking new ways to broaden my skills as a floral artist and photographer.  Some of my happiest moments are harvesting flowers in the early morning light, capturing the first blooms of a new variety, spending late nights in my studio designing with the days harvest, and sharing the beauty with others who are searching for a more soulful aesthetic.  I am so glad that you found your way here!

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